Hi everyone, my dear reader, today i share for you the best solution for the crowfounding. HelloAsso is the first 100% free participative financing platform, accessible to all registered associations in France. More than a simple fundraising platform, Hello Asso accompanies the associative actors by proposing a great number of online services relevant to their needs.

Since 2009, date of its creation, the digital platform HelloAsso has allowed around 10 000 associations to collect more than 49 million euros to finance their projects by appealing to the generosity of the public.

What are the tools you offer to associations and are they open source and/or free?

Charlie T: We offer an online payment option that comes in different forms. If I have a desire, I can launch a participative financing campaign via Hello Asso.

HelloAsso.com is a French payment website for associations, launched by Ismaël Le Mouël and Léa Thomassin in 2009.

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I sell a cereal basket? I ask for an online sales form. I organize a show with my association?

I have an online ticketing application at your disposal. Finally, I have a membership form for future members. These are simple solutions for collecting money. Our tools are neither free nor open source. We are a payment option, we manage 18 million in this month of September.

If we were open source, it would be like a bank revealing where the guards are, including the surveillance cameras. It’s too risky. We are often reproached for this, but there is no open source payment solution.

Who is HelloAsso for?

HelloAsso is for all associations, except for trade unions and political organizations.

Thus, HelloAsso counts more than 80 000 associations which already use the tool. Most of them are small and medium associations that benefit from a free software to collect money, but HelloAsso seems to be made for bigger associations too.



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